AOG Overhaul

Often aircraft are grounded (AOG) pending installation of a piece of emergency evacuation equipment. At Team Aero Services (TAS), we understand how crippling this situation can be.  Our customers often contact us during these situations.


Team Aero Services receives Slides in for rush maintenance to handle their AOG situation.  TAS’s large inventory has always allowed for standard parts to be in stock and immediately available.  By communicating with the customer on the component details for the last performed maintenance, Team Aero Services is able to determine if non-standard parts are required and provide solutions that fit the urgent delivery date.  Having employees that specialize in Aircraft Evacuation Equipment, with years of experience, has allowed TAS to handle the testing efficiently. The employee’s know-how has enabled TAS to make necessary repairs effectively and to provide the same quality service under the strictest deadlines.


If you ever find yourself in an AOG situation, don’t purchase replacement units, contact Team Aero Services to see if an AOG Overhaul is able to fill your needs.